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Made In Michigan, USA


TENKEH is an ode to Anishinaabe culture through streetwear. Established in 2018 in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, we take pride in crafting unique and stylish designs that weave together fashion and heritage. Our mission is to spread positivity and promote the rich tapestry of the Native American culture.


The Story Behind the Name:

TENKEH, originally known as TK Streetwear, holds a deeply personal significance. It was born in memory of my cousin Tommy Lee Kahgegab, who tragically lost his battle with addiction. By transforming the brand into TENKEH, we strive to honor his memory and contribute to a mission larger than ourselves.



To create fashion that tells a story, fostering pride in Native American heritage while spreading positivity and awareness about addiction.


Vision Statement:

To be a recognized and influential force in Native American streetwear, empowering individuals to embrace their culture proudly.


Core Values:


    •    Cultural Pride: Anishinaabe gikendaasowin - Celebrate and honor Native American heritage.

    •    Positivity: Biindigen - Spread positive vibes through our designs and message.

    •    Resilience: Biizhewiin - Reflect the strength to overcome challenges and adversity.

    •    Awareness: Gwayako bimaadiziwin - Advocate for addiction awareness and healing within our community.


Brand Story:

TENKEH is a journey—a journey of honoring the past, celebrating the present, and shaping a positive future. Rooted in Michigan, our designs are crafted with authenticity and passion. Each piece tells a story, carrying the legacy of our ancestors and the resilience of our spirit.


Tenkeh Tough:

We embrace the spirit of being “Tenkeh Tough” - Biizhewinaakwad. It’s a commitment to resilience, choosing a path that doesn’t rely on substances for strength. Instead, it’s about facing challenges head-on, making responsible choices, and finding inner toughness to navigate life’s journey.


Join us on this cultural odyssey - Odaaminwewin. Wear the story. Wear TENKEH.


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7852 E Baseline Rd Mount Pleasant Mi, 48858

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